At BSEA we believe that enlisting the right kind of help early in your child's special education process will lower costs, maintain a positive relationship between parents and the school district and enrich interaction between your child and their school.

It is not about confrontation it is about as a parent getting one opportunity to get you child the services and education they need and deserve.

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What kind of help do I need?

Whether your child needs a specialized therapist, advocate or legal counsel our team can evaluate your situation and advise you and your family.

Is it expensive?

How long does it take?

Because of the uniqueness of special education cases there is no way to know how long your case may take. At BSEA we work with the school system to insure that even the most involved cases are resolved in a timely fashion.

Because our overhead is low, we can pass the savings on to you. Because we are moderately priced doe not mean we advocate any less zealously than the higher priced firms.

Securing for Children the Education they Deserve

Advocacy that Matters.

At Baystate Special Education Advocacy (BSEA) we work to get your child the education and services they need and deserve whether they are in Kindergarten or high school because you cannot put a cost on a child's education.

We believe that as a parent you get one opportunity to advocate for your child but because most people do not have the ability or confidence to deal with a school system and their experts we offer you the help that so many need.

"We were totally lost against the public school machine until you came recommended. I knew you were the right person for the job when you told me that although I'm paying you,that you were working for my son." 

- BK


"Without the added expense of a formal hearing, BSEA quickly and successfully negotiated a fair long-term settlement with our recalcitrant school district." - CY


When IDEA 2004 was reauthorized RTI was given a much larger role than previously with regard to identifying children with learning disabilities. An incredible amount of resources are dedicated to special education each year with a fair amount going to identifying and testing children for specific learning disabilities but the hope is that RTI will help to alleviate this problem.   To read the full article click​ on the ARTICLES/LINKS page.